Fisherman's Net Bag Trend

There’s a common rule in fashion that three of something equals a trend. In this case, there are many more than just three to choose from.

For whatever reason it is we find ourselves drawn to something, it appears that multiple brands (and inspiring women who stay true to their own personal style), are gravitating towards a fisherman’s net bag. In its purest form, the fisherman’s bag is a simple netted bag (like Normandy-based company Filt’s version on The Line) in either black or white. Originally, the bag was used by actual fishermen in France to haul their catch home at the end of the day, and then used as a grocery bag by French provincial shoppers. Now it’s being re-purposed and redesigned by contemporary and luxury brands alike. Céline (seemingly always the leader of the pack) presented a flat-based black version with their Fall 2015 collection, and this season Vetements has created an iteration with a black, pill-shaped clutch to be carried inside.

Contemporary brands have also jumped on the trend. LA-based label Staud, which created a buzz with its cult-loved Bisset bag, recently released the Moreau bag—a hybrid of a leather bucket and fisherman’s bag. A caramel-hued bucket sits within a cream net bag, complete with leather handles. It’s quickly become a favorite amongst the fashion set, and is being produced in high quantities. LA-based designer Clare V. offers two versions. A classic shape in cream called the ‘Netty,’ and the ‘Sandy,’ a sturdier square version made with leather handles."I think basket bags are obviously having a moment - our Alice bag is currently our best seller with the Netty and Sandy trailing very closely behind,” says Vivier. “I believe that when the weather gets warm, it’s nice to have something besides leather and if it also evokes a bit of nostalgia, like these two do, all the better.”

It’s no surprise that women turn to simpler options in the summertime, opting for raffia bags and simple sandals. A non-descript, leather-free bag is both easy and chic. "When the weather turns warm, I don’t feel like carrying leather anymore,” adds Vivier. “I think our net bags are a fun, summery alternative to leather since they’re intended to be carryalls for your clutches. I like that you can peek through them and see the colorful clutches or whatever your contents are." Like most fleeting trends, the excitement here might not last any longer than a season, but that's all you will require.