You know those dinner parties where you sit down at 7 P.M. and suddenly you look at your phone and it’s 1 A.M.? You’ve been so intrigued with and enthralled by those in your company that what feels like 30 minutes was in fact five hours. And poof, a friendship is born. This is how we met Lisa Salzer-Wiles and her husband Marlon Taylor-Wiles. Our friendship has moved hard and fast ever since, never missing a step.

So it is with great pleasure that we debut a new video series on Accessories Almanac with Lisa’s help. Lisa, the creative force behind jewelry label Lulu Frost is our first subject to star in “One Minute With…" On the eve of her debut store opening in New York City—a literal jewel box located at 7 Prince St—we interviewed her about this latest endeavor, her dreams and where she sees herself in 10 years.