‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,’ is a sentiment Deborah Pagani can get behind. The fine jeweler (whose first name is pronounced Deb-OAR-ah), is obsessed with them. She is perhaps best known for her Americana-inspired pieces—The Pill-shaped rings and necklaces were named for the ‘pills’ in the iconic film and novel, Valley of the Dolls—and signature horseshoe shape. Pagani launched her label in 2008 after a career as a hair colorist for celebrity clients that included Prince and Cindy Lauper. With no prior jewelry-making experience, Pagani serves as a wonderful example of what may come when you follow a passion for jewelry and accessories, and set out to learn the business in-depth before creating an eponymous line. A cross between art deco and minimal, modernist lines, Pagani’s jewels are designed for the diamond lover. These aren’t pieces to shy away from, yet they’re classic enough to remain relevant amongst her multi-generational clientele.

Here, in the second installment of our ‘One Minute With’ videos, Pagani shares some inspirations, words of wisdom and introduces us to her doppelgänger.

This post also marks our last on Aa. for a little while, as we take a hiatus to explore a new project directly related to but outside the bounds of Aa.. If you’re in jewelry we’ll be in touch very soon with more details of our exciting new adventure. Thank you all for being such loyal readers, it's been great shooting, researching and writing stories for you that take deep dives into the world of accessories. This isn't the last you'll hear from us so while you wait, please, enjoy Deborah.

Many hugs, loves and kisses.

Paul and Tara (Team Aa.)